Thursday, December 22, 2011

20 New Year's Resolutions for New and Published Authors

The New Year is the perfect time to set writing goals and make plans for the next year. The resolutions a writer makes depend upon individual aspirations. A goal should be realistic enough to be attainable yet large enough to take a writer to the next level.
Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Aspiring and Beginning Writers
It is important for a new or aspiring writer to set a goal of writing every day. Commit to write something every single day, whether it be a journal entry, a sketch or observation, or a contribution to a future novel or short story.
The path to getting published is to write and not get discouraged. Seek help in the form of joining a local or online critique group or discussion group for writers. Read books on the craft of writing and experiment with different styles and points of view. Study the different ways of publishing and research markets for manuscripts. All of these steps pave the way to future publication. Below are some steps new writers can take toward being published in the New Year:
  • Write every day
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Start a short story
  • Start plotting a novel
  • Finish a short story
  • Send out a finished story
  • Read a book on the craft of writing
  • Join a critique group
  • Experiment with different genres and styles
  • Start a file of plot ideas
Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Published Authors
The work doesn’t stop once an author gets published. Published writers need to do double duty by concentrating on marketing as well as honing their craft.
A good resolution for a published author is to do more marketing online by creating or updating a web page or starting a blog. Networking is also a valuable tool for getting the name out.
Published authors also need to continue growing and learning until they reach that next level. Getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new may be a good new year’s goal. Here are ten suggestions for goals for published writers:
  • Spend more time marketing
  • Join a social network
  • Go to a writer’s conference and network
  • Schedule book signings
  • Get a better contract
  • Find a better-paying publisher
  • Improve skills by reading advanced book on writing and plotting
  • Try writing a screenplay
  • Experiment with a new genre
  • Ask for a bigger advance
There are many resolutions a writer can make that will ensure the new year gets off to a good start.