Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Release Rapid River Hoax: the Jeff McQuede High Country Mystery Series

It's finally here!  We are happy to announce the newest addition to our High Country Mystery Series.  In our latest book in the series, Sheriff Jeff McQuede braves the rapids while trying to solve a mystery that centers around treasure seekers,a Bigfoot hunter, and the puzzling disappearance of an adventurous young man who may either be perpetuating a publicity hoax or in serious danger.

After being jilted at the altar by his capricious long-time girlfriend, Loris, Mcquede's best friend, Dawson, convinces him to take a relaxing river rafting trip. But unknown to Dawson, McQuede has another reason for agreeing to the trip to Rapid River Outpost, a run-down lodge high in the mountains.  He has discovered that a young man, Andy Norton, has recently disappeared from the lodge and his parents have asked him to look into the matter.  Andy is notorious for perpetuating hoaxes, but this time may have gotten in over his head.  Dawson also has an ulterior motive for going up into the mountains.  He is searching for a lost Native American Sheepeater camp, a project that draws Loris and Arden Reed to the scene.  Surrounded by colorful characters and intrigue, McQuede finds himself in race to save valuable artifacts and to find out what happened to Andy.