Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Low Gore Halloween Movies

Low Gore Halloween Movies for the Squeamish from Ghost Stories to Teen Thrillers

Slasher movies and zombie flicks aren't for everyone. Many films can be found that keep the spirit of Halloween which are high in atmosphere and low in gore.

For those of us who can't handle high gore films such as Saw, Hostel, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, these ever popular movies have plenty of thrills while keeping the gore at a minimum.

Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Movies that have a gothic atmosphere are a good pick. The 1963 version of the Hitchcock thriller The Birds, based on a work by Daphne du Maurier, is about a California seacoast town experiencing a sudden, unexplained attack of birds of all kinds. The black and white setting creates a stark mood and air of tension. Some other Alfred Hitchcock movies to consider are:

•The Lodger
•Strangers on a Train

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories are usually high on atmosphere and low on gore. One good film to check out is the 2001 release, The Others, which stars Nicole Kidman. The film takes place just after World War 11, where a mother lives with her two young children in an isolated country house, The children suffer from a rare disease in which they are unable to be exposed to sunlight. This film has a very spooky mood and gives the watcher a sense of mounting suspense as they begin to see strange people in the house.

•The Sixth Sense
•House on Haunted Hill
•Ghost Story
•The Haunting
•The Changeling

Stephen King Thrillers

The 2007 film titled 1408, based on a Stephen King short story, refers to the number of a haunted room in a hotel. No one is allowed to stay in room 1408. However Michael Enslin, an author of books about haunted locations, decides to spend the night. A number of frightening occurrences ensue that toy with his perception of reality and unreality, and threaten to break his mind before the night is through.

Other Stephen King Favorites:

•Salem’s Lot
•The Shining
•Silver Bullet
•Secret Window

Teen Thrillers

There are many teen thrillers that aren’t too high on the gore scale. Two remakes of Japanese films, The Ring and The Grudge, rely mostly on atmosphere for their thrills and chills. The 2002 film The Ring centers around a cursed videotape which causes the viewer to die seven days after watching it. In a similar vein, The Grudge and its sequels are about a curse that is born when a person dies in the throes of a powerful rage.

Other teen thrillers that are light on gore are:

•Jeepers Creepers
•When a Stranger Calls

These teen thrillers contain some gory scenes, but are still not as gory as slasher films.

•Scream (1,2, and 3)
•I Know What you did Last Summer

Good films with a Halloween atmosphere can be found regardless of tolerance for blood and gore.

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